Custom Curved

The FREELIFT by Handicare is the world's most sophisticated Curved stairlift. It's unique on-board gyroscopic sensors allow the Freelift to go where other lifts cannot. An optional 45* downward facing seat accommodates narrow staircases that other curved lifts cannot navigate. As a result, the Freelift is our "go to" curved stairlift for even the most challenging stairways.

The Freelift has a whisper silent motor and gear box, our customers find that very appealing. They also appreciate it's unique tubular single track design. With its wide variety of available seats and track colors, the Freelift is by far the best looking curved lift in the marketplace. The Freelift is also top of the line in quality and reliability. Handicare has produced and installed stairlifts for more than 125 years and that experience shows in the Freelift curve's quality and reliability.


PricingCustom curve stairlift pricing depends greatly on the number of turns as well as the overall length of the staircase. As one of Freelift's largest curved stairlift dealers in the country, we are able to provide you with professional installation and unbeatable pricing.Our pricing for this elegant stairlift begins at $ 10,995.

Note from Shawn:
The only drawback to the Freelift curve is price. It is approximately 25% more expensive than Handicare's Sterling 2000 (also an excellent lift). As a result, most customers who choose the Freelift do so because it is the only lift in the market that will accommodate their unique stairs. Fortunately, over 90% of the curved staircases we see are perfect for the more value priced Sterling 2000 custom curved stairlift.

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